The Benefits of Proper Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

Atlanta & Alpharetta, GA Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Inspect Blower Wheels
Dirty blower wheels can reduce airflow and cause longer operating time, higher energy bills and compressor failure, not to mention lost comfort. Don’t waste money on electricity. Confirm that your maintenance includes a comprehensive check and cleaning of your blower system.

Check the Refrigerant Charge
We check refrigerant charge by measuring temperature differential, then determining electrical demand on the compressor or by reading the pressure gauges. A refrigerant charge that is too low or high can easily be overlooked, which can lead to higher operating costs. Worse, an improper charge can cause compressor shutdown. Routine checks on refrigerant levels can save you money and prevent the need for future repairs.

Clean Condenser Coils
Dirty condenser coils will cause refrigerant pressure to rise, which also will raise your energy bill. Cleaning the coils helps your equipment run at maximum efficiency while keeping money in your pocket.

Inspect and Clean Out Condensate Drain
Clogged drains can cause serious water damage by increasing humidity levels. Proper maintenance of the condensate drain will help you avoid the need for repairs.

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