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Atlanta, Georgia – It’s probably happened to you, or at least someone close to you. It’s the middle of the night on the coldest or hottest day of the year and your heating or air conditioning unit fails. There’s no need to be left in an uncomfortable position, says Phil Montgomery, owner of a Decatur air conditioning and heating business.

The best way to head off an emergency is to be proactive – and that means keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your heater and air conditioner to avoid repair during the middle of the night, the dead of winter, or the hottest day of the year. Each year, homeowners should have thorough inspections of their heating and cooling units performed by licensed contractors. Inspections will discover leaks, rust, built-up soot, frayed wires and other potentially dangerous issues. Homeowners should also regularly replace air filters to ensure proper air flow.


Atlanta, Georgia – When hiring an air conditioning or furnace repair company, you want to be sure you are hiring the best company available for the best price available. But be sure you look at more than just price – hiring a company that doesn’t have the correct licensing or bonds can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.
What does licensing and bonding mean?
The most important thing to look for when hiring an Atlanta air conditioning company is whether that company is fully licensed and bonded. Hiring a bonded company can safeguard you against illegal practices and poor workmanship. A licensed company has been trained in proper practices and regulations concerning its service area.