22 Jun 2018

Oh No – My Air Conditioner is Frozen!

frozen air conditioner

Alpharetta, GA – If your AC unit doesn’t seem to be working properly, and you notice indoor components are frozen when you check on it, that is a sign you should call an AC company right away.

“A frozen coil means something is wrong and there is an imbalance in the temperature of the refrigerant as it flows through the coils,” says Phil Montgomery, an HVAC expert. “The job of the coil is to absorb the heat as it moves through your home, and then send that heat out. If the coil has frozen over, there are a few things that could be going wrong.”

  1. Airflow is restricted. Restricted air flow means there is no air moving through the system – the warm air needs to flow through to prevent the condensation that can form on the line from freezing. You may need to replace your air filters, and check your vents and ducts or anything that might impede air flow.
  2. A problem with the refrigerant. A pressure change can mean the refrigerant in your system can’t do its job properly, causing moisture to build up and freeze on the coils. Refrigerant works by changing the pressure and temperature to absorb the heat. If there is an issue, such as a leak, it can absorb more heat than usual, and then the lines and coils can freeze over.
  3. A blocked line. Condensate lines drain away the excess moisture, but if these lines get blocked, the water can freeze, which in turn can cause the coils to freeze.
  4. Thermostat problems – A malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most common causes of a frozen AC unit. Your thermostat works by checking the temperature and then controlling how the AC works to keep a consistent temp in your home. If your thermostat malfunctions, it can overwork your system, leading to frozen coils.

If you notice that your air conditioning unit is frozen, it is best to turn the entire unit off. This is important to ensure your compressor does not get damaged. Then, it is best to call a professional to determine what exactly caused the problem in the first place. Once the issue is pinpointed, they can get your AC back up and running properly.

The easiest way to ensure your unit always works properly and is ready to cool your home when you need it to is by scheduling routine maintenance appointments with an HVAC expert. The technicians at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning have the knowledge to ensure your unit is always ready to keep your home comfortable. More often than not, a frozen AC is the result of a smaller problem that wasn’t caught in time, and has built up to become a larger one. But with regular maintenance, you can ensure those little problems get corrected before they can become big ones.

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