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Faulty Thermostat

Alpharetta, GA – The thermostat is one of the most important components of your air conditioning unit. But even though you probably touch it or look at it multiple times during the day, you probably don’t ever give it much thought. But, problems with your thermostat can spell bigger problems for your air conditioner. (more…)

26 Jun 2018

Expert AC Installation is Important

AC installation

Alpharetta, GA – You can find a do-it-yourself video for just about anything these days, and air conditioner installation is certainly one of them. But just because you’ve seen a DIY video on YouTube, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to take on a project as big as AC installation. (more…)

frozen air conditioner

Alpharetta, GA – If your AC unit doesn’t seem to be working properly, and you notice indoor components are frozen when you check on it, that is a sign you should call an AC company right away. (more…)

12 Jun 2018

What Make Air Filters So Dirty?

dirty air filtersAtlanta, GA – It’s important to change your air filter on a regular basis, typically about every three months. But sometimes, especially when your HVAC unit is running regularly, it may be necessary to change it out more often. But why does the filter get so dirty in the first place? (more…)