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26 May 2013

How Mold Can Get into Your AC Unit

Mold in AC unitAtlanta, Georgia – One thing homeowners worry about if there is a leak in their homes is an outbreak of mold. One area they might not think to keep an eye on is their air conditioning unit. Mold can develop and accumulate in a home’s air conditioning unit, and then circulate the spores throughout the home as it distributes cool air.

Mold is a part of everyday life. But when it develops in an AC unit, homeowners should take notice and call their repair technician to help clean the unit. But how can homeowners know that their unit might be growing mold?

“The first step might be to use your nose, “says Phil Montgomery, an Atlanta cooling service expert and owner of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning. “A home may develop a musty smell if mold is growing in an AC system. As soon as a homeowner notices a smell, they should call their air conditioning and heating repair company to inspect their unit.”